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We provide the Sodi kart, racing suit, helmet and gloves. You provide the racing spirit!
Sodi World Series

Step-by-step Guide to Enter

  1. Comply with the minimum height and age requirements per category before registering for your race.
  2. Register yourself on the Sodi World Series Website (FREE!)
    Free SWS Website Registration
  3. Register and pay for your desired SWS race online.

2023 Calendar

  • 1st October – Junior SWS
  • 10th October – Senior SWS
  • 29th October – Junior SWS
  • 9th November – Women’s SWS
  • 14th November – Senior SWS
  • 21st November – Masters 100kg
  • 26th November – Junior SWS
  • 28th November – Senior SWS
  • 12th December – Junior SWS
  • 17th December – Junior SWS
  • 19th December – Senior SWS


No Excuses!
A regular SWS Sprint Race except…  the minimum age is 25+ and weight of the driver must be 100kg!

Of course, if someone is 90kg, they can add 10kg to the kart.

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Sample Timetable

Earn SWS points and compete with the best.

The Sodi World Series (SWS) Arrive & Race principal is currently the most affordable type of racing there is, and with every race you can earn points for a chance to compete in the Sodi World Finals!

Choose Your Race Category:

SWS Junior Cup: 7-14 years old.

SWS Senior Cup: 15 years and up.
SWS Masters Cup: Senior sub-category for 40 years and up.

A regular SWS Sprint Race except…  the minimum weight of all drivers will be 100kg!

Ramadan Challenge 2023