Become A Racing Driver

Turns Dreams Into Reality

Have you ever imagined what is like to be race driver or rider? Turn those dreams into reality and start your racing career today! The information below is intended for non-race drivers as well as current racing drivers looking to break into the local motorsport scene.  The UAE offers a wide range of exciting championships, supporting go-karts, motorcycles, Touring Cars, GTs, Radicals and Formula series.

Click on the tabs below for further information or eMail for further information and to book your Race License Assessment!

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  • If you do not have a racing license, you will need one. This can be done in the following steps:

    1. Book a Race License Course with us. Passing the course a requirement to be eligible to apply for a FIA Race license with the local motorsport federation.
    During the course, you will be tested practically and written on the basic principles of racing as well as on all the safety flags. You will need to score 100% to pass. (For Kart racing this is called “ARKS test”)

    2. If you fail your license assessment, you may need more seat time to get used to driving on circuit. This can be achieved in a few ways:
    a. Book Dubai Autodrome Experiences
    b. Participate in Dubai Autodrome Track Days
    c. Be coached by one of the teams or organisations (see Step 3).

    3. Once you complete your assessment, you will need a medical check from your local doctor to ensure you are fit to race.

    4. Visit the EMSO (Emirates Motorsport Organization) who are responsible for issuing all UAE race license holders and are the official authority on all UAE Motorsport events.

  • From go-karting to F4, from two wheels to four, there are abundant choices in the UAE with a range of classes to suit your experience and budget, there’s an option for everyone:
    Kart Racing
    UAE ProCar Championship
    Gulf Radical Cup
    National Sportsbike Super Series
    FIA F4 UAE Championship
    TRD86 Cup
    Porsche Sprint Challenge Middle East
    Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East
    Formula Gulf Academy

  • For every race series there are multiple teams with vehicles and services on offer. See below for a selection of local teams that have vast experience in running all kinds of race cars, as well as celebrated team successes both locally and overseas:

    Dragon Racing International
    Comprehensive motorsport services including support for GT, Touring Cars & F4.

    AUH Motorsport
    Race services and vehicle support for Touring Cars, prototype cars and F4.

    GulfSport Racing
    Race services, products, helmet design and vehicle support for Radicals and Formula Gulf Academy.

    Xcel Motorsport
    Race services in both Karting and F4, housing training center including simulator and reaction testing.

    GDL Racing
    Racing team with support for Clio Cup, Radicals, GT, F4, TCR and Touring Cars. Click here to download GDL Racing PDF

    Dream Racing
    Formula 1 experiences and Radical race service and training.

    Racing service, racing team, vehicle maintenance and repair.
    Click here to download am-racing PDF

    There are a few ways you can find a car to start racing, depending on your budget and whether you would like to own the car or not.

    Option 1: Purchase a new or used race-ready car, depending on the championship you want to participate in. You can contact the local teams for cars that are up for sale.

    Option 2: Arrange an ‘Arrive & Drive’ Package whereby a team rents you the car, provides the technical support at the track and includes maintenance and consumables between races.

    Option 3: Convert a car into a race prepped car. The UAE ProCar Championship features classes that allow you to race your own project on track and fight for trophies. Some of the locals teams can assist you with this project if required, or do it all for you.

    To find out more information about choosing the right car to come racing, get in touch with us and we can help you with any questions and point you towards the right people to help.