DAKA Curriculum Highlights

Level One:
A pure introduction to karting teaching basic karting skills and experience.  DAKA will run both clockwise and anti-clockwise track directions so drivers can adapt and learn the following:

  • Holding steering wheel correct.
  • Racing lines on different circuit configurations, understanding apexes, braking points.
  • Direction and detail of each course.

Level Two:
More comprehensive, introducing race craft where drivers will start to develop skills and understanding of the following:

  • Overtaking.
  • Defending their position, whilst optimizing consistency and smoothness on track.

During Level Two, the outdoor track is introduced, using half of the International Dubai Kartdrome circuit to perfect the corners more frequently, before advancing onto another part of the track.  This will provide more beneficial lessons to the drivers.

Level Two graduates will be part of a special race event at Dubai Kartdrome on the final course day.

Level Three:
Level Three is where all the skills students have acquired through level one and two get put to the test. We will prepare the students to successfully be able to pass the race license assessment. They will also be given the opportunity to delve deeper into kart maintenance and have hands on experience working with two-stroke race karts.  The goals for DAKA Level 3:

  • To prepare the driver to successfully be able to pass the Race License Test Assessment.
  • Give them some experience in maintaining a two-stroke race kart.
  • By utilizing only one circuit layout for the whole course, we will be able track students’ progress across the 8 weeks.

The karting coaches will develop race discipline by encouraging drivers to overtake only on certain corners, so drivers gain confidence and master overtaking techniques.

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